Milestone Fortress T20 Bat

Sale priceR 6,495.00

The powerhouse option at Milestone is the Fortress T20 Bat. This willow offers the ideal combination between output, shape and weight. For hard hitters, this meticulously crafted English willow is the exact quality required for boundary shots. Crafted from grade 1 minus/grade 2+ wood, this bat features a longer handle and shorter blade specifically tailored for the 360-degree player.

  • Semi-oval Handle.
  • Superior Cane Handle with Rubber Inserts.
  • Sturdy Shoulder Design.
  • 3D Embossed Milestone Stickers.
  • Perfectly pressed Bat Face.
  • Full Profile and shape.
  • Quality fitted grip.
  • Thick and semi round toe shape.
  • Fitted face and edge cover protection.
Size: Short Handle