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Add an extra grip
Add an extra grip Sale priceR 80.00
Add an Extra Grip
Add an Extra Grip Sale priceR 80.00
Custom Bat
Custom Bat Sale priceR 345.00
Double Oil, Hand Knock-In & Toe-guard fitting
Full Cleanup Special
Full Cleanup Special Sale priceR 395.00
Full Repair Special
Full Repair Special Sale priceR 595.00
Handle Adjustment
Handle Adjustment Sale priceR 395.00
Knock-In and Oil
Knock-In and Oil Sale priceR 250.00
Milestone Abdo GuardMilestone Abdo Guard
Milestone Abdo Guard Sale priceR 75.00
Milestone Arm Guard New
Milestone Arm Guard New Sale priceR 295.00
Milestone Ball Bag
Milestone Ball Bag Sale priceR 395.00
Milestone Bat Cave Elite
Milestone Bat Cave Elite Sale priceR 495.00
Milestone Bat Cave Icon
Milestone Bat Cave Icon Sale priceR 295.00
Milestone Batting Inners NewMilestone Batting Inners New
Milestone Century Bat
Milestone Century Bat Sale price From R 3,995.00
Milestone Chest Guard
Milestone Chest Guard Sale priceR 295.00
Milestone Elite Batting GlovesMilestone Elite Batting Gloves
Milestone Elite Batting Gloves Sale price From R 1,395.00
Milestone Elite Batting PadsMilestone Elite Batting Pads
Milestone Elite Batting Pads Sale price From R 1,595.00
Milestone Elite Keeping Gloves
Milestone Elite Keeping Gloves Sale priceR 2,195.00
Milestone Elite Keeping Pads
Milestone Elite Keeping Pads Sale priceR 1,495.00
Milestone Elite Thigh Pad
Milestone Elite Thigh Pad Sale priceR 995.00
Milestone Fortress T20 Bat
Milestone Fortress T20 Bat Sale priceR 6,495.00
Milestone Guardian Bat
Milestone Guardian Bat Sale price From R 2,995.00
Milestone Icon Batting GlovesMilestone Icon Batting Gloves
Milestone Icon Batting Gloves Sale priceR 1,395.00