Milestone Cricket Bat Warrantee Policy

General Provisions:
Milestone offers an extremely comprehensive bat warrantee approach. We take great pride in providing world class support to our players and ensuring the longevity of their gear. Instances in which the bat warrantee does not cover a breakage, our superb in-house workshop can conduct bat services and repairs for budget friendly prices. This document serves as the official breakage & repair policy of all Milestone Cricket bats. It remains applicable for the first 6 months after bat purchase. Conditions under which replacements, repairs or services are rendered - under warrantee - will be free of charge. The warrantee policy does not apply to previously used bats. Proof of the breakage/damage must be provided to Milestone as well as proof of Date of Purchase. It is primarily recommended that Milestone Cricket sufficiently prepares your bat for game readiness with an oil and knock-in service. Alternatively, the client can also utilize a third party or other sporting company to execute this task. The third option is that the client services the bat in personal capacity. It is however paramount that the bat be adequately prepared, and if neglected the bat warrantee policy does not apply, irrespective of the damage. It should be highlighted that wood is a natural product prone to eventual deterioration.
Instances where the Warrantee is Applicable:
Handle Malfunction:
When the handle is of subpar quality or a conceivable manufacturing error has been made. An example of this will be a lateral crack throughout the handle or a visible, sizeable crack running from the handle to the shoulder area. Please note that this does not include damage inflicted from a ball making contact to the handle/shoulder area. Solution: Replacement of the handle free of charge. The overall willow performance will remain unchanged.
Horizontal Fracture Across the Blade:
The willow’s vulnerability causes a significant crack due to fragile or excessively desiccated willow. In the cricket community this is usually known as wind damage. Solution: Either a full replacement of the same quality bat, or an applicable bat service to restore the willow to satisfactory performance. 
Instances where the Bat Warrantee is not Applicable:
Face Crack on Surface of the Bat:
Cracks appearing on the surface of the bat from frequent cricket is expected. Shallow cracks do not impede on the bat performance. Regrettably the presence of face cracks does not justify a replacement. It falls outside the bat warrantee parameters.
Edge Cracks:
Deterioration stemming from customary use and tear, mistimed shots, or edges in games & training. It is a common occurrence and does not justify a replacement. We recommend applying edge tape or in extreme scenarios to send the willow in for a bat service undertaken by our in-house batmaker in the brand’s workshop.
Toe Split:
Deterioration as a result of regular usage of the bat. Such wear and tear ordinarily occur with high volumes of cricket, hard pitches or multiple yorkers dug out. Regrettably, a replacement isn't viable for toe area cracks or deterioration.
Moisture-Induced Damage:
This kind of damage arises from exposure to damp conditions or water. This normally occurs when the pitch is wet, or when the bat is negligently left on a moist surface. It subsequently leads to swelling in the blade's toe area, which may subsequently result in splitting upon drying. This falls outside the purview of Milestone’s warrantee policy.
Damages arising from Inferior Ball Quality:
The usage of subpar or overly-rigid cricket balls can inflict harm on the blade. Other sporting balls such as baseball, hockey or golf balls can result in similar consequences. It is strongly advised to exclusively employ balls manufactured by reputable producers for training and matches.
Neglection of Bat Care & Preparation:
If the onus to oil and knock-in the bat falls onto the player. If such necessary preparation was not executed by Milestone Cricket the bat warrantee does not apply. Proper bat service, which is a comprehensive knock-in by Milestone for the client and regular oil thus serves as a prerequisite for the bat warrantee applicability.
Improper or Unsuitable Bat Usage:
Any action which neglects to properly protect and care for the bat resulting in damage of any sort, is not covered by Milestone. This includes self-implemented repairs on the bat, bat hurling or striking the bat against surfaces other than cricket balls. 
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