More About Milestone Agent Resellers

Agent Resellers

Become an Official Reseller of Milestone

Agent resellers play a pivotal role in Milestone's distribution network, operating as key intermediaries between the company and the local market.

With a strong foothold in their respective regions, these resellers utilize their community footprint to effectively promote and sell Milestone's premium range of cricket gear, including bats, softs, luggage, clothing and coaching equipment.

Milestone values its agent resellers and recognizes their contributions by providing competitive commission structures and bonus payments. The brand is committed to ensuring that resellers are well-rewarded financially for their efforts, fostering a mutually beneficial partnership that enhances brand visibility and market expansion.

Additionally, Milestone makes great effort in providing comprehensive institutional support to its agent resellers. This support encompasses guidance, training, access to marketing resources, commercial proposals and sample gear. Through this strategic alliance, Milestone aims to create a dynamic ecosystem that nourishes cricket enthusiasts and players at the grassroots level, instilling a passion for the sport.

It allows us toremain committed to professional service delivery and world-class equipment whilst, bringing together individuals and communities through the shared joy of cricket.

What does Milestone provide an agent with?

Milestone equips agents with a comprehensive package of incentives, support, and resources to excel in their role and drive success as seen below.

Agent Benefits

Earn Commission

Earn commission payments for successful sales of Milestone Cricket products as an agent.

Director Access

Enjoy direct access and open communication channels with Milestone Cricket's directors for seamless collaboration.

Sample Gear

Receive sample gear to showcase Milestone's quality products to potential clients and customers.

Bonus Payments

Get bonus payments for achieving target sales goals, boosting your earning potential as an agent.

Referral Payments

Earn referral payments for successfully signing up new ambassadors to Milestone Cricket's program.

Agent Training

Access agent training and tutoring to enhance your product knowledge and sales skills.

Promotion Material

Utilise promotional materials provided by Milestone Cricket to effectively market the brand and products.

Corporate Proposals

Gain support in preparing corporate proposals for schools, academies, and clubs interested in Milestone products.

Institutional Support

Benefit from institutional support from Milestone Cricket, ensuring a smooth partnership experience.

Application Conditions

Sales Experience

Local Market Knowledge

Established Customer Base

Distribution Network

Reputation and Track Record

Compatibility with Milestone's Values

Strong Geographic Presence

Marketing and Promotion Skills

Communication Skills