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Who are we?

Milestone Cricket is a domestic, premium cricket brand. We only specialize in top quality equipment and world-class gear.

The organization was started by taking our passion for the Gentleman’s Game from the field and into a player orientated brand. Solutions are tailor made for our clients.

The high-end gear and specialist services are matched with elegant looks and a classy design. The professional visuals are backed up by superb durability and robust protection.

Milestone’s priority is to work closely with clients, ambassadors and agents to ensure that every cricketing dream become a reality. Together, We Dominate with Class.

A word from the team.

Cricket is on the rise and popularity for the sport is growing faster than ever before! Cricket is going to the next level, and so are we!

Milestone remains the home of premium equipment. Nothing but the best is our standard. Our softs, bats, accessories and luggage ensure safety and elegance. We balance professionalism with practicality. We incorporate protection with style.

We will be entering the 2024 season with exciting added products, services and enhanced distribution across South Africa. We have expanded our workshop by partnering with a local, highly-skilled and experienced cricket bat manufacturing team. We are able to provide customers with the opportunity of custom designing their own specialized bats. Milestone prides itself in the provision of inhouse repair, cleanup and refurbishment services.

We are excited to launch our new line of products for the 2024 season: the Elite Premium and the Icon range. The Elite Premium range is crafted for champions - it epitomizes luxury and unrivalled quality. Elevate your game to new heights with this top-tier collection. The Icon range is where practicality meets innovation. Forge your legacy on the field with this range, built for rising stars.

Our online ambassador platform is a first of its kind. This program for serious cricketers is the support you need to take your cricketing dreams one step closer to reality. The ambassador program provides order-discounts, exclusive offers, referral payments and incentive bonusses for performance.

We remain steadfast in our commitment towards cricket excellence and word class service.

Let’s keep on Dominating with Class

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