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Milestone Ambassadors

Ambassadorship 101

At Milestone Cricket, we believe in rewarding consistent outstanding performances. Our meticulously curated ambassador program stands as a testament of our
commitment to cricket development. Our ambassadors are handpicked for their exceptional talent and dedication, showcasing professionalism on and off the pitch. We offer discounted gear, incentives, and marketing exposure with the aim to create a long-term partnership that makes your cricketing dreams a reality. Partner with the best in the industry - join us and invest in your cricket future!

What anAmbassadorship Offers You

Player Stats

Share your cricket statistics with leading agencies across the country, expanding your access and exposure.

Discounts Galore

Get substantial discounts on bats, softs, luggage, and accessories, saving you money on your cricket essentials.

Milestone Access

Connect directly with senior Milestone team members for insights and mentorship.

Bat Warranty Assurance

All new bats come with a 6-month warranty, guaranteeing quality and peace of mind.

Priority Customer Care

Experience top-tier customer service with priority assistance through our dedicated hotline.

Trade-In Benefits

Trade in your old bats for credit offers towards your new gear, making upgrades more affordable.

On-Field Rewards

Earn incentive payments for exceptional on-field performances, motivating your best game.

Customize Your Bat

Personalize and customize your new bats to match your unique playing style and preferences.

Social Media Exposure

Milestone Cricket will promote you on all major social media
platforms, boosting your visibility and reputation.

Referral Earnings

Earn flat fee payouts for successfully referring other players to the Ambassador Program.

Exclusive Offers

Gain priority access to the latest promotions, sales, ranges, and deals, ensuring you never miss out on the best offers.

Step 1

Application Submission

Start the process by filling out the questionnaire and attaching your cricket CV and statistics. This provides us with the essential information to process your

Step 2

Selection Committee

A dedicated Selection Committee conducts an initial review of your application, assessing your suitability for Ambassadorship.

Step 3

Interview Assessment

After the initial review, a subsequent telephonic or in-person interview session will be conducted to further explore your potential as a prospective ambassador. This comprehensive evaluation aims to uncover the depth of your
candidacy, ensuring an aligned partnership with Milestone’s distinguished standards.

Step 4

Receive your Proposal

Once shortlisted, you'll receive a comprehensive Ambassador Proposal outlining your roles, responsibilities, and associated benefits.

Step 5

Final Approval by the Board

Await the approval from our esteemed Board of Directors, symbolizing our organization's dedicated endorsement of your ambassadorship, before proceeding
with the program.

Step 6

The Contract Offer

The ambassador contract will be provided for your consideration. This document details all the terms and conditions, provisions and benefits in the utmost detail. The contract is a symbol of our unwavering investment into your cricket future.

Step 7

Contract Signing

Formalize your partnership by signing the contract, solidifying your role as an ambassador. You are now officially a part of the team. You are ready to Dominate with Class!

Step 8

Ambassador Portal Access

After signing, gain exclusive access to our online Ambassador Portal, providing valuable resources and timely updates for your ambassadorial journey.